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Disability Representation

I want to be your disability expert.  I am  here to help you with your disability case! I will file the necessary paperwork to get started and file any appeals. If you have a hearing scheduled, it is MY job to gather all the medical records from your doctors and use that to argue your case before an Administrative Law Judge. I do as much of the footwork as possible so that you can focus on treatment without the added stress of a disability claim.

Every case I take is special to me because I get to help one more person in need.  I have worked in this industry for over 12 years and have conducted more than 2000 hearings with the majority being successful.  I specialize in only Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and Supplemental Security Income claims. There is never any fee due unless I win your case with back pay. If your case is awarded but without back pay, I don't ask for payment of any kind. If you do not get an approval, I am not due a dime!  Lastly, I pay for any medical records that I request to support your claim and will never ask for reimbursement. 

If you want someone committed, caring and capable, contact me today to schedule a phone meeting or an in-person meeting if you are in the Johnstown (and surrounding), New York area.   

Do You Qualify ​for Disability ​Benefits?

The disability process can be long and confusing. The first question to ask yourself when considering filing for disability is: Are you able to work? If the answer is no or you are having significant problems maintaining a full-time position due to medical or mental health problems, you may qualify for disability benefits!

If you are a Veteran of the Armed Forces who is receiving benefits from the Veteran's Affairs, you may also qualify for Social Security benefits as well.  I have worked with many Veterans in getting additional benefits through Social Security. 

If you have questions or concerns about what it takes to be found disabled, I am happy to answer and address the issues in a disability claim and will tell you honestly if filing a claim is the best course of action for you. 

How Do You Prove You Are Disabled?

Medical treatment is the KEY to any successful disability claim! If you are receiving care for your conditions that you feel keep you from working, you are headed in the right direction! 

I pay the cost for any medical records that are needed to help prove your case. I never ask for reimbursement. 


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